Thursday, October 7, 2010

Ground Zero on the North East Divide

Left Johannesburg for the Haenertsberg start early this morning. It
looked a bit like the great trek what with bikes, bike kit & bulging
bags filled with all manner of 'essentials' like wine, sample tots &

Of course on arrival at Haenertsberg we headed straight for the
nearest pub ! Bugger the lodging & offloading all that kit. We
eventually got to the lodging in the mountains at sunset after
spending a fruitful afternoon 'carboloading' on beer in preparation
for our mountainous ride in the morning.

The lot in the other vehicle went off to the lodge first and Doug
bless him shocked hiself silly on the electric gate trying to
straighten a piece of paper that looked a bit crumpled ! Of course he
had to pay a penalty in the pub.

We've just finished a fantastic lasagne & salad dinner and after
reviewing the topo maps are rearing to tackle that bloody huge
mountain with the Radio tower ontop that looks like a pin rather a
120m high structure !

Can't wait....

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