Monday, May 16, 2011

Contemplations: The Ride to Rhodes

So here we are a mere 4 weeks away from the start of what promises to
be a very interesting mountainbiking excursion indeed - The Ride to
Rhodes. You'd think that MTB would simply be a matter of getting on
your bike and riding along the trail ? Well you'd be a bit mistaken in
this instance...

Way back in 2009 on our epic race across SA we were thrust into a race
filled with bitterly cold winter weather, days of rain & mud and of
course some very interesting people dynamics. Humans are strange
animals at the best of times, but no less so than when thrust together
in a rather extreme environment with alot at stake.

Without regurgetating the whole saga the group dynamics at the time
resulted in a parting of the ways on the trail and ever since, a
certain male member of the 2009 race has delighted in poking fun at
the rest who had the unfortunate pleasure of having to deal with the
mental strain of a very negative energy first hand.

And thus credance was given to something that should have been allowed
to fade away along with the pains of the 2009 race...

I for one will be devoting my time & energy on the wonder & splendour
of the Ride to Rhodes. No 10kg backpack this time AND at the end of
this ride I'll be getting a whip instead of a blanket - wink wink
nudge nudge !

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