Thursday, June 2, 2011

A Brief Affair At Hekpoort

It was a bloody cold winters evening as we set out at 6pm last night on
our now weekly night ride at Hekpoort in the Magaliesburg. Crazy to do
a night ride in winter ? Well, it depends entirely on one's star gazing perspectives...

Some of our riding party have temporary riding constraints on the
weekend and since we're trying to get it together for amongst other
things the Ride to Rhodes & the 230km non stop Trans Baviaans in August we need to train. Riding at night is a requirement and being able to test kit & night riding ability is a must.

So as I am won't to do at times, I had a senior moment by being forgetful
again. I packed everything I'd need, duly arrived at Hekpoort from
work and proceeded to kit up - weelllll sort of...

I would forget my damn cycling pants now wouldn't I, that all important
piece of lycra'd chamois for the preservation of the posterier !!!
Here I was 60kms from home, 3 buddy's waiting for me and no essential
cycling kit. Hekpoort is traditionally an extremely rough district
road too, so what to do ???

Well in the true spirit of a rider of the Transvaal chapter of the
'Dikwiel Commando' I went commando in me briefs & a pair of polyester
riding tights amidst howls of laughter !!!

Holy crap it was an adventure of note and in virtual sub zero wind chill conditions
combined with 50km's of damn rocky road, 400m up & down a mountain...

Yeeeeoooouuuuwwww and in the immortal words of Elvis: "My boys are all shook up ! "

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