Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Day 2 - Allandale Farm to Ntsikeni Nature Reserve


In the Ntsikeni Nature Reserve
I had forgotten just what a tough day, day 2 was. This year the logde was also 6km further up the road which made the day quite long for us mortal cyclists - 12 hours of riding ! Sitting is a bit of an exercise at the moment and yes it was a tough day. Blundering through thick sloppy cow poop and muddy mielie fields at 5am and then trekking thru forests up and beyond Donnybrook towards the Centecow mission. We met many friendly smiling people and some really cute kids waving us along...

After a quick bite to eat and a silent blessing from father Ignatious we were off to tackle two bloody high mountains. Lots of walking and pushing up those things. Yeah yeah you're suposed to be riding if it's mountainbiking but then you don't always smell the roses either. Thankfully we got over the game fence into Ntsikeni in the light and only had to cycle the last 6 kms in the dark to a beautiful fullish moon. No looking for that illusive Spotted Ntsikeni night owl hey Morris !

It was amazing to see the lunar eclipse from the nature reserve since there are no lights and the cold clear night sky is ablaze with millions of stars, the moon and the milky way. It was truly beautiful to see... 

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