Monday, June 13, 2011

Pensive ? Nah, Quiet Anticipation !

The last time I was here in PMB at the start of a mountainbiking
adventure I was pensive and I was told to stop fussing and get on with
it !

Well I did just that and eventually got to Capetown after having a
life changing mtb journey. This time we're only going as far as Rhodes
but I must admit that I'm feeling extremely envious of those going all
the way to Capetown. My Freedom Challenge buddy from 2009 is out there
on his own now, 2 days in...

The pre-race briefing is always interesting, what with warnings to
preferably not cross the flooded Umkomaas river or try and summit
Lehanna's pass in extreme snow weather etc. I was watching the new
guys taking this in and it made me smile to see those very pensive
faces & looks that said "Four clubs, what have I gotten myself into !!!"

Well I now know exactly what I've gotten myself into - Another awesome
adventure with my friends where tommorrow will sort itself out...

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