Monday, June 6, 2011

I'm so 'Heppy' !!!

I was having coffee this morning (M&B brand), thinking about our
upcoming Ride to Rhodes and found myself suddenly bursting with

No doubt you're thinking that Gadgets lost his marbles - again ?!
Going to work, it's only Tuesday and the boys feeling "suddenly
exuberant" @ 7am in the morning - Bloody nuts is more like it !!!

Well you'd be right but in the wrong sorta way. I'm probably a bit
whacky most of the time and that's exactly my point - Times a wasting...

We spend our lives striving & working & conforming to society's
notions of being grown up and mostly forgetting what it felt like when
we were carefree, laughing & joking with our school friends around the

Mountainbiking and the prospect of an adventure with my friends across
the Drakensberg to Rhodes in the middle of winter has brought me back
to my boyhood adventures with the school mates.

In short I'm so 'hepppy' I feel like a puppy exuberantly flick
flacking around the yard, throwing himself with joyful abandon onto
the grass and weeeing himself uncontrollably in the process !!!

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