Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Final Preparation - Boxes, Maps & Narratives

The kitchen counter looked a bit like a lab scene out of a sci-fi movie this evening. Plenty of last minute bits and pieces as well as sorting, packaging and labeling the boxes in preparation for shipping down to Capetown on Thursday / tomorrow, no make that today.

You'd think that remembering to pack toothpaste, hair gel and some shaving gel would be a given, but I guess with all the other things that needed considering one can easily overlook these things. That's what's in these little babies: Tot o' paste, Tot o' H&S and Tot o' shave. It's really not polite to use your hosts VO5 with extra lift and curl and 20 odd days of helmet hair just won't work for me either !

Also got some Biotone tonic from our good mother 'Queen B' as a 'pick me up' for the mornings. It's a fairly new product on the market and we were fortunate enough to secure some for the upcoming ride. I was recovering from a bad cold about two weeks ago and felt a bit flat so Fiona gave me some to try before we went riding. I am normally a bit of a sceptic with these things, however this one certainly did the business and I jumped at the chance of laying my hands on some more for the race. The taste puts hair on your chest, but it works, so there's one in every box. You certainly won't be sleeping in class !

The boxes are now complete and hopefully I've remembered everything else in addition to the obligatory can of coke. They're packed to the top and I made sure I remembered to include the white gold so there's enough spare to share in case of an emergency if needed. My biggest concern has been ensuring that the right maps and narratives are grouped together and that they are put with the appropriate box. I guess I'll find out for sure on the trail. So now it's off to get some shut eye and then delivery later on today.

I wonder how Badger, Queen B, The Prof and Limp Wrist are getting along with their packing...?


  1. Hair gel!?!?!?!?!?! You have to be absolutely yanking someones chain?!?!?!?!?!?!

  2. Here boys, sorry man (Afrikaans). I had a big debate in the car yesterday with The Monk (yes he can speak) about the 'hair gel' reference. We finally agreed that hair gel and hair shampoo are not the same thing and that I should say what I mean. Just for clarity: Hair gel = Tot o H&S = Head & Shoulders Shampoo.