Thursday, May 21, 2009

An Ode to Queen Bee

Whilst perusing my mail one afternoon I noticed a mail titled "errr... apologies" from Fiona to us boys in the riding group. Once openend I was struck by the single line that stood out for its brevity and that read "I have given all of you a bit of a rev on the blog..." Being a sharp and observant woman at the best of times and often catching us unawares with some or other occurrence or navigation instruction especially when we've already plummeted down some hill or other, I wondered what we were in for. Well plenty as it turned out because we had all got very carefully thought out nicknames highlighting some of our peculiarities and personality ( traits amongst others ! Included was an oblique reference alluding to what she thought hers should be and so consulting Wikipedia I found her picture reference and the following notation: "The term queen bee is typically used to refer to an adult female that lives in a honey bee colony or hive; she is usually the mother of all the bees in the hive.[1] "
It is very apt, particularly if one is part of this wacky group as she does "mother & manage" the group rather well and of course we're happy to follow along. So to that end here's a snippet of our Queen Bee:

An Ode to Queen Bee
Our Mother, pretty as a flame,
‘Queen Bee’ be her name.

When weekends come, her routes be done,
Across the mountains, around the dam and second to none.

Her hungry boys she ne’r forgets,
With halfway stops of pancakes, chips and maybe coke he gets.

When your saddle goes, our mother she knows,
“Sorry for you, still 20 to go on the saddles nose”.

As the ground you hit, a jumble of grass and tit,
She’ll sigh and say: “Now look what you've done you limp wristed twit”.

On navigation she is queen of her domain,
with "Go left, the other left, no brain”.

When homeward bound you go, life’s lessons she’ll continue to teach,
Along the railway track with broken saddle, just to make you screech.

And so our mother goes, with us in tow,
through the veggie farm, across the mountains and over the hedgerow.

Always homeward bound, to apple pie, tea & toys,
Ah Queen Bee, she's a mother to us boys...


  1. Derek, I'm impressed, didn't realese you were such an accoumplished poet. Nice one.

  2. Hiya!

    So we should expect your first book of poetry to come out after the challenge? We can call it Butts, Sweat and Saddles, don't you think? or depending on the Immodium issue...Butts, Shitts and Saddles...giggle.
    As always, you are amaaaaaaazing boyo.
    Loves ya, so ya better make it back from the Bike Wars.