Thursday, June 25, 2009

Day 11: No Better Today - To Elandsberg

The last three days have not been fun at all ! Today started @ -2°C before wind chill factors etc. We didn't cross over the top of the Aasvoelberg proper because of the dangerously high winds & ice conditions up there, but went round the long way. We plummeted down a 6km descent down the side of the Assvoelberg before heading into a massive headwind for virtually the whole 130km's today. (Annie Jane you would have loved the decent off the side of that mountain).

Our progress was very slow so we only got to Hofmeyer @ 16:30pm. We had to stop at the famous pie shop & also had rooster cookie chip rolls because we were as always starving and knew we still had a ways to go with another portage to do.

We did the Elandsberg portage (hiking up an old Voortrekker wagon route and across the rock strewn thorn scrub mountain with the bike on the shoulders) in the pitch dark & got in @ 12:30 am !!!

The navigation was very challenging because our reference points weren't visible at all. It was also bitterly cold up there.
At one point right on top we had to find a linking jeep track to get off the mountain. It took us more than half an hour of looking before we found it 20 meters from where we were standing right above it !!!! Darkness is not your friend, especially when you're blundering up and over a mountain range you've never been to in your life before !

Margeret's farm house was a beacon of light coming off that mountain tonight - quite literally. There was not another light visible for miles around as we decended that mountain.
She met us at the front door and once we had had warm showers, served us a scrumptous 3 course dinner. Thank you Margeret for your dedication and kindness, your efforts are appreciated.

It's 02:00am now & we have a 05:30am wake up for our double 110km stage later on, weather permitting, so I'm going to sleep now.


  1. hey gadgetboy thank you for the updates! windguru says 21 km/h winds tomorrow (on your way to stuttgard? or de doorns?), in stead of 48 for today, but still minus-temperatures - looking a little bit better than today, though!!! thinking of you guys all the time, please give hugs to estelle & errol & seannie (i know seannie will complain, hug him anyway!) very proud of you lot!!

  2. hehehe the 6 kay downhill sounds awesome ... but i'd prefer it without the snow and ice :)
    keep blogging, i'm so excited every time i see an update :D

  3. the elandsberg portage....nuff said!

    keep it up, you okes are hardcore