Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 6: Lehanna !!! & Rhodes

I'm tired & just a little stiff - It was a short day, time & distance wise. We started @ 06:00am from Vuvu & got to the foot of the infamous Lehanna's Pass portage @ first light. It's a 4/5 km hike up & over the mountain behind the Naude's Nek Pass.

We were headed for the left edge of the flat topped portion in the centre of the main photograph. That point is approximately 1km above the point from where the picture was taken !!!

No words can adequately describe the exhausting, hair raising scramble up the side of a very high & sheer Drakensberg mountain carrying a backpack & a bike. The vertical ascent is 1 km over 4km.

The vista's are absolutely incredible. It took me just on 4 hrs to get to the top of the pass. We then headed down to Tenahead lodge for a cuppa before riding the last 30km's to Rhodes. And just for fun there's a 6/8 km climb along the way.

Anyway we got to Rhodes @ 14:00pm, had a quick lunch before cleaning the bikes, doing some maintenance, washing & repacking clothes into the backpack.

We're leaving Rhodes @ 04:00am for our sub zero 108km next stage. Yesterdays guys water froze in their waterbottles enroute ! I'm really knackered so I'm going to sleep now...


  1. Like the blog D - where's the butt photo you promised? Hope you guys are enjoying the trip!


  2. Hey Derrick hope all is going well with you. You are doing really well. Keep it up, keep strong and we will see you at the end. Aileen

  3. Hey, derek, time to post a blog, i'm curious about where you guys are and how you are doing, reading about horrible weather from mike's blog, but want to hear your stories of 'our' group too!
    good luck with the bad weather, keep going.

  4. hey derick i read on the website that you are now singlespeeding? hope you can fix it soon, good luck man! and let us have some updates, pretty pleeez?