Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 7: Freshly Frozen & On to Slaapkrantz

I think I found out where Woolworths buys their frozen produce from - It must be from around here. It was so cold this morning the fields were snow white & even the sheep still had white frost on their backs @ 8am ! My shoes are covered in frost from the grass too.

Myself, Sean, Erol & Estelle left Rhodes this morning @ 4am after only 4 hours of sleep so we could get to our afternoon mountain traverse with enough daylight to spare. No sense in sleeping on the moubtain now is there. Todays total distance was 108km. It was a sub zero morning - My drinking water tubes froze up, my shoes had ice on them & all the water pools alongside the road were frozen solid !

After the glorious warm days heading to Rhodes today was a severe shock to the system. I'm glad I didn't unpack my winter kit to save weight. I had more layers on than an Egyptian mummy today.

We got to Cheseny Wold around lunchtime and were warmly greeted with offers of food, glorious food. We were treated to home made crumpets & jam, muffins & a delicous breakfast @ Cheseny World Farm by Minki before heading on to Slaapkrantz.

The weather turned nasty over the Drakensberg this afternoon & we ended up donning our rain gear. Worse than that was having to pedal hard downhill to avoid being blown to a dead stop by the bitingly cold headwind that was howling straight at us.

Our portage today was up & over another mountain with a steep rocky decent to our destination in the valley 8km below. We went down on the left along a sheep track to pick up an old jeep track to get to the farm Slaapkrantz owned by Andre & Joyce far below.

A fair bit of bike carrying was required & I must confess that I've been in the wars lately with injuries. After climbing Lehanna's Pass my left knee is agonisingly sore today and my left shin is still swollen from my previous falls.

Well guess what - whilst carrying the bike down the mountainside a strong gust of wind blew me completely off balance on a particularly loose rocky section & I fell down the embankment. I tried to save the bike from damage by planting my head & shoulder on the rocks to break my fall & ended up dislocating a finger in the process ! I only realised this after my vision cleared & I tried to pick the bike up again.

I couldn't get the glove off because of the perculiar angle of the finger & I figured a broken finger should be hurting a whole lot more so I pulled the finger straight & it popped/cracked back into place. It was a relief because we were stuck up the side of a mountain 8km's from the nearest farm & what could I do ?

So now I can't ride properly because my left knee hurts badly with pedal pressure, I can't walk properly because my left shin is still swollen & sore & I can't grip the handlebars too good because my finger is bruised & a bit swollen from the dislocation & relocation !!!

Despite all this it was a stunning portage over the berg. 'Annie Jane' you would have gone gagga over the steep 6km jeep track decent !
In elk geval mense, ek is vrek moeg so ek gaan nou slaap...

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  1. Annie Jane is SO bly sy's nie in DAAI wind en sneeu nie - well done, ouens (en girl) !!