Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 3: Westwinds Blowing

We thought it was going to be a -5°C morning, but with a stiff warm Berg wind blowing the morning air was bracing but not cold. Autum riding kit sufficed.
Left Ntsikeni across the veld at 06:00 so we could pick up the track thru the grass plains in some light. It took 3 hrs to cover the first 14km's. Beautiful scenery, but tough going.

I took a serious swan dive over the bars when the front wheel dug into yet another grass ball. My lower shin is a bit wrecked - its swollen & very stiff now.
Lunch at Glen Edward farm on the St Bernards road was a tasty soup with bananas for afters. Then it was off into the mountains again on district roads & foot paths.

We climbed up a mountain after dropping down to cross the little Umzimbuvu river with the bikes to reach a road from which to head off into yet another valley. It was a foot path section down into & then way up out of the valley. It got dark with 16km still to go.

Anyway we reached Masakala rural village where we are staying at around 8pm, tired but elated from our days riding. The company was great and most of us are feeling strong, but very tender in the saddle.
We eat constantly & I have the equivalent of about 6 meals a day. We're burning up significant amounts of calories negotiating all these mountains with 11kg backpacks.

Another fantastic days riding today with more to follow tomorrow. Just need more sleep....


  1. great reporting from the field...tomorrow is a bonus day, assuming you're only aiming for malekholonyane!.. keep it up

    Steve B

  2. Hi Tall klein boet, you are amazing, keep up the good work and don't let that wonderful face stop smiling. We are so proud of you and know that you'll do well even though we think you've have totally lost it. lots of luf, Lynn and Theo