Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day 2: Ntsikeni Nights

Another good day today, but a tough second 50km's again. We started riding @ 05:30 this morning. We got to Centacow Mission (46km odd) @ 10am & then negotiated two serious climbs, one immediately after the mission & the other up to the back of Ntsikeni NR. Bloody hell !
We took a scenic shortcut this morning in the dark and ended up two ridges/valley away from where we ought to have been. The funny side was being warned by my snoring friend Erol that one of the farmers cattle fences was electrified after he climbed over it. It sure saved the family jewels from a nasty surprise !

We were rewarded today with many friendly faces & cheerful greetings from the folk along the way. The girls (30's & 50 yr's) in our group are certainly held in awe by the local woman - Hau thombazane !

We met the smiling Beatrice who runs/owns the green tuck shop just above the Gungununu river bridge crossing. A cold coke before negotiating a massive climb straight up & over a Drakensberg mountain sure is welcome near the end of a long day. We eventually got to Ntsikeni @ 6 pm in the dark after riding through the wetland & crossing yet another stream.

I'm tired, ravenously hungry, but ecstatic about the awesome mountain biking & great company on the ride. Now I just have to figure out how to make my backpack lighter than 10.5 kg's - Damn that thing is heavy, especially at the end of a long day of climbing massive mountains !

Oh and just for fun the temperature is -5°C here in the morning !

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