Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 1 - Heidelberg to Frankfort

I'm lying on my back next to our tent wondering how I'm going to get up for dinner ! We left at 7am & 5'C temp this am, at a hectic pace. Farm roads gave way to bloody muddy grass swamps and we had very wet muddy clothes right from the start !

Got a slashed tyre early on too & had to stop regularly to pump, wasting about 1hr, so I had to resort to a tube to finish. The tyre was covered in mud and so it took a number of attempts to find the slah which was on the bead.

Great riding followed, with the route going through a number of farms but at a pace that was not sustainable for 120 km's. We also rowed ourselves across a dam in genuine dragon boats and then tore off again for the last 60 km's.

We navigated more mielie fields today than I thought existed in the country along mostly thick cut grass tracks !!! Holy crap it chewed our legs and with the hectic pace I suffered badly after 90km's. Chris slowed down a bit and we finally made it in after 7 hrs of hard riding.

Oh and in case you thought the Freestate was flat, think again ! All the hills are at the end too so it was quite tough.

Now we're being seranaded from the grandstand in true Freestate fashion - plateland classics - I think I'll start tomorrow's ride sommer now ! Liewe bliksem !!!

Till tomorrow then lovely people...

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