Sunday, April 25, 2010

FW: Day 3 - Reitz to Sterkfontein Dam

Well what can I say except that today was an eventful & long day. 125 km's long. Chris & I finished in 7h27mins.

It was also a bit warmer this afternoon so no repeats of yesterday's antics around cold showers. This morning was still wet & muddy, as were we shortly after leaving. We have traversed the entire country's mielie fields these last three days following mostly cut veld grass tracks that sap your energies.

The water points have been awesome with hot baked potatoes, bananas, soup, coke, rolls, chocolate, biscuits, nuts, raisons etc etc..We scoff a bit of everything which makes for interesting riding later on.The farming community have been awesome all vying to better each other at the water stops !

Swampy sections abounded and the bikes took a pounding. At one point after crossing through a kneedeep muddy culvet it was so bad that Chris and I resorted to weeing on the brakes & cassettes to get the grinding grit out, to much cheering from the rest of the field.

We've developed a unique riding system, Chris & I, to avoid crashing at high speed. "Veer right" usually means 'get out of the slipstream quickly buddy or your'e liable to pass out !' Our tent is a radioactive zone every night and is filled with hysterical laughter & calls of ' I think you need to see the doctor chap' which usualy has the rest of the tented camp hosing themselves. Boys will be boys ....

Despite being tired from the long days in the saddle there is always room for fun and enjoyment. We're camped at the very edge of the Sterkfontein dam and ended the day by riding in over the dam wall. The views are amazing.

Tommorow is another long & way more hilly day - 130km's. Don't think I've got enough zambuk...

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