Saturday, April 24, 2010

Day 2 - Frankfort to Reitz

After conking on yesterday's stage today went much better. A good nights sleep, some nutritional supplements and a transact patch for the achy back did the business.

We awoke to rain and Chris & I didn't want to get up ! Wake up was supposed to be @ 5am but the farmers made sure we were awake @ 04:30 ! Still we weren't budging being snuggled in our sleeping bags, but eventually got up @ 05:30 am - breakfast time.

After doning rain kit (those that were prepared that is) we headed off for the next 95 km section. It was bloody chilly but we soon worked some warmth and ended up doing ok.

The course was somewhat muddy but quite reasonable otherwise and we made good time finishing 172 out of 400 teams in a respectable 5h30min's - not too shabby for a couple of old boys !

#herTommorow is 125 km - oh my ass !!!

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