Sunday, April 25, 2010

Frankfort - It's so cold your towel shrunk !

So last night we got into Frankfort cold & wet. Everyone headed for the showers seeing as how cold wet & muddy is not fun after 7 hrs of riding.

The portable showers hot water is pressure driven to make the gas coil work & there was a niggle yesterday afternoon !

I had just got out of a freezing shower myself when Chris popped out of his cubicle kaalgat except for a handtowel wrapped around half his waist. Of course the long shivering queue was enjoying his discomfort after he commented about his freezing shower.

It had to happen:

"Hey chap look it's so cold your towel shrunk !"

To which Chris duly responds dropping his towel

"Hell yes, look it's completely shrunk my pekker !"

completely forgetting that the queue is full of women too !

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