Wednesday, April 21, 2010

J2C - It Doesn't Fit !

They don't call me Gadget for nothing. Give me space & I can fill it with all manner of cycling parrafanalia, required & imagined !

The J2C crowd said we would get a packing bag that was 86x53x53 cm's & that could fit all our stuff & maybe a small midget to boot. It has to be transported & fit into the shared 2 man team tent at night. You would think that it would be sufficient space for a sleeping bag, some cycling clothes, toiletries, sleeping clothes & some nutritional & basic spare bike parts requirements... Well think again !!!

It took an awefully long time & a number of attempts last night to pack MY STUFF. I had two piles after the first attempt, then three & eventually back to two again. The spare bike had to go, as did the hot water bottle & the damn midget !

Getting from two piles down to one was traumatic & I might need counciling along the race route. Suffice to say that in the end with 'guidance' from the other half & some really difficult choices I have bravely gone where no self respecting Gadget boy has gone before - One bag of kit.

In case your'e wondering, Gadget aka Deidre left the sleeping bag. Yoohoo Chris...!!!

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